The Cheval Mirror

The last time that my beloved brother came to visit me he gave me a hard time about the fact that I didn’t have a full length mirror.  He stated something to this effect, “What type of woman are you? Why don’t you have a full length mirror? How do you make sure you look ok before you leave the house?”  Yes, its sad, but true. I haven’t had a full length mirror since I moved back to CT almost a year and a half ago. But for some reason, it never was a pressing need. I figured I could always check myself at work and worse case scenario, I could always take a picture of myself. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is my logic…lol.

A few weeks ago, my friend E, well, now she is Dr. E (side…congrats invited me over for some grub. As I was leaving her place, I scoped out a very retro Cheval mirror in her bedroom and practically salivated. It had a touch of country, but was still very in place with the rest of her decor. Since she was moving cross-country, I hoped she would leave that behind, but she is just as attached to it as I had become in an instant.

Since my visit to her house, I decided that I had to copy and get one myself. The downside of this is that these mirrors are downright expensive. If you surf the web for them, you can see that they start an upwards of $100. However, two days ago, on the way back home from Barnes and Noble, something told me to try the Christmas tree shops.  For those who are not aware, the Christmas tree shop is a store (not catered to christmas) that sells all kinds of things from furniture to food at very reasonable prices. As I was strolling through the store, I saw it or maybe it saw me first–I don’t know…lol But there it was, Cheval Mirror, waiting for me in  two different colors-white or oak. I decided to take home the white one because it would be able to stand out amongst the paisley turquoise theme I have going on in my bedroom. It was very easy to assemble and I love, LOVE it. The best part about it was it was only $29.99 + plus tax! A steal!

As you can see it pops near the turquoise table I refurnished last year. In addition, it really complements my turquoise paisley bed.

Overall, I am completely pleased with how the bedroom has evolved over the course of one year. It all started with the refinishing of the end table by the bed, then I built my head-board, got the chiasso wallflowers and urban outfitters paisley duvet, refurnished the turquoise table and now finally have obtained the white cheval mirror. There are a few more things I would like to do to my room to make it more inviting, so I will keep you posted:)

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