Redesigning My Bedroom

I have been on a quest to redo my bedroom into a comfortable retreat. A few blogs ago, I talked about my headboard that I built out of IKEA end tables and a 2×4. I got that lovely idea from the blog, younghouselove, which follows the do-it-yourself adventures of a married couple in Richmond. I must say that they are my new DIY mentors and I really thank my friend K who pointed me in that blog’s direction.

Anywho(my fav made up word), I digress. In the search for the perfect duvet/bedspread, I came across this lovely turquoise paisley one from Urban Outfitters.

On the wall above my bed, I plan on getting these wallflowers from Chiasso and shaping them into a sleek design above my headboard:

Overall, my new headboard and refurnished endtable, complete with the flowers and new duvet should give my room that tranquil look I was going for. Now, I just need to order those items……..

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3 Responses to Redesigning My Bedroom

  1. I love these wallflowers, what a great idea!

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