Hello peeps and welcome to my blog, fashionably cosmopolitan!

My name is actually Shanta, but my blog’s name is a creative play off of my sorority line name, Cosmopolitan.

A little about myself: I started this blog as a way to stay in the moment.  I needed (and still need) to remember just to breathe.  I am a 30 something sassy northern southern hybrid that has a Ph.D. in Microbiology. If the six years I spent earning the PhD wasn’t enough, four years later, I earned an MPH with a  focus on health disparities and chronic diseases. Luckily, the program was only 11 months.

Outside of my lifelong learning, I am a Christ lover, foodie, traveler, and furniture refurnisher. My blog is a hodge podge, so any day you can find anything. But I hope you will join me along my journey. I promise you won’t get bored:)



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