Sunday Brunch followed by Curried Sweet Potato Fritters

Spring Forward everyone! Today was particularly difficult for me because I go to 8 am church service…gesh! It seemed like everyone in church was dragging today! Though we lost an hour, I am looking forward to the longer daylight hours. There is something about the winter months that kinda put me in hibernation mode, so I am so glad that spring is almost here!

After church  and Sunday school, Soror N and I headed out to brunch at Stonebridge restaurant in Milford. I really enjoy the brunch there. We were seated out on their heated patio and both ordered the french toast…yummy!

After brunch, I felt so exhausted, that I came home and accidentally took a 3 hour nap. It was only my intention to sleep for an hour, but I guess I was exhausted. Once I got up, I immediately started to prepare my lunch for a few days this week as well as my dinner. For lunch, I prepared grilled vegetable wraps. The recipe was very simple to follow; it just required you to grill the veggies (I broiled them) and prepare a bean mixture to spread on the tortilla. After preparing the separate ingredients needed for the wrap, I packed them in separate containers until I am ready to assemble tomorrow during lunch. I am excited and it looks like it will be a great veggie lunch. To go with the wraps, I am bringing a tossed arugula salad and some carrots with hummus. Yummy!

With lunch settled, I then turned my attention to dinner. One recipe that caught my eye in Vegetarian times, was a recipe for curried sweet potato fritters. The only thing that I did differently was to steam some collard greens instead of using spinach. I am not a big fan of cooked spinach. I feel like it leaves your teeth feeling yucky….lol. Anywho, after I steamed the collard greens, I tossed them with some balsamic vinaigrette.  This it what resulted:

I know, it looks different doesn’t it? With any kind of “pancake” (well, most) it needs something to bring out the flavor. So now I completely understand why the recipe calls for mango chutney to go on top. I ended up picking up some spicy mango chutney from the health food store, Edge of the Woods. Honestly, I don’t think I would have liked them at all without the chutney. The chutney made all the flavors make sense.  My other recommendation (if you decide to make them) is to decrease the recipe. I felt that 4 cups of sweet potato was too much for me. If I decide to make them again, I would cut the recipe in half. And though the recipe calls for eggs to bind the fritter (along with the cornmeal), it didn’t work very well, so you have to be very careful handling them while frying. Overall, the dish was good, but definitely not one that I feel that I will need to repeat frequently. But I have to admit, that it has been fun trying new vegetarian recipes.

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