The Lenten season

With the advent of lent, Christians all over the world have dedicated to give up something until Easter. This year, for some reason, I struggled with what I should give up. For the longest I was shouting, “I am giving up meat (including fish)”. But when I really stopped to think about it, I realized that I have been putting off something for the longest that I really should do. And that is spending more time with God. I don’t know about you, but I know I definitely let the day and all of its nuances get the best of me. But where does that leave God? Oh, I read the Bible every morning and do my devotional readings, but am I really absorbing it? Am I really allowing the Holy spirit to move within me and really transform me?

The reason why this blog was started was to help me stay in the moment. However as of lately, I have not been doing such. I have been focusing too much on the future, worrying about things that haven’t even come to pass yet. So I think that Lent is a good way to rededicate myself to being in the present and enriching my relationship with God.  One of my fellow VUU alums Kevin Leach said it so eloquently in his post to our facebook group:

“My thoughts ascend, and my life is renewed. The ashes used in many traditions for Ash Wednesday come from burning the prior year’s palms. In the same way, I release old habits and thoughts as I prepare for the arising of new life in me. Today I pray: “Lord, help me walk a path of renewal. I lift up my old life for purification, confident a new life rises from those ashes. I release every limitation I believe is true about my worth and power, my beauty and creativity. I sweep away every debt I believe anyone owes me. I cast off every condemnation I carry. I pray with an open heart, releasing limits, pain and false beliefs with ease. I accept new wisdom, understanding and peace with grace. For the gifts of my journey of purification and renewal, I am grateful. Amen.” No one puts new wine into old wineskins … but one puts new wine into fresh wineskins.–Mark 2:22″

I want to be renewed this season as well! Everyday I know God is shaping me into the person He would have me to become.

sidenote: Now, I do still plan to be vegetarian until Easter, but I will allow myself some flexibility with eating fish occasionally. I don’t want my family and friends to worry that I will waste away:)

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