Adventures in DIY’ing—- the headboard

I really have fallen in love with this blog called younghouselove. They are a married couple in Richmond, VA that have completely remodeled their home as well as done many other do it yourself projects. One project they described was making your own headboard inexpensively using three ikea end tables (the ones that are 7.99 each), having a 2×4 cut up in three 36 inch pieces and buying some metal brackets. I must say it came out great.. what do you think? I just need to get something to reinforce it a little more, but otherwise, yay!

My next focus is linens and maybe a duvet… I am looking for suggestions on color and where to find some lush linens on a budget. Please help!

finished project. Please see younghouselove to get directions

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6 Responses to Adventures in DIY’ing—- the headboard

  1. J says:

    Wow! That headboard looks fantastic! I like to buy inexpensive lines at Burling Coat Factory in the luxury Linens section. ALso, I like to go to places like Ross, TJ Max, and Marshals for inexpensive household goods and decorations (i.e. Picture frames, wall clocks, vases, paintings, etc…).

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