Costco field trip and turquoise dreaming


Another returning love for me. I used to have a Costco membership that I shared with one of my ex-boyfriends, but both relationships never got renewed….lol. On Saturday,  my sistah friend was headed to Sam’s club and Costco and I decided to tag along. Sam’s club was ok, but Costco was definitely an adventure. First of all, on Saturday they always have free samples in the food section. We started off with some chicken noodle soup as we worked our way down the ketchup aisle. Then as we turned another aisle, they were offering up samples of a chocolate cheese tart. OMG! It tasted wonderful!!!!! I had to go back for a second sample! The highlight of this trip was picking up some cilantro lime shrimp and some crusty bread:

I brought them home and lovingly placed them on a plate with some mixed greens that were tossed with goat cheese and some spicy garlic oil. A glass of pinot grigio completed the yummy meal.

After I had some sustenance, I began the painting project. I first had to sand the table and wipe it down with a rag:

Then the table was primed:

Finally, after the primer dried two loving coats of Behr’s Tropical waters were applied:

I have to wait 4 hours before I can add the polyurethane, but it does look good if I do say myself:)

Now,  I just need to start brain storming where I will put it in my bedroom and what I will put on top of it (once the polyurethane has dried of course 🙂 )

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