Becoming healthier–some dairy and wheat free options

I have a lot of sinus issues and one of my friends had recommended that I give up wheat and dairy for a while. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE those two things in so many forms! Cheese, ice cream, bread-did I mention bread? However, I recently went to see a holistic doctor and they pointed out that I have three main issues: 1. Mastoid sinus problems, 2. Small intestine issues, 3. lack of physical fitness-proof that skinny doesn’t equal “in shape”. Instead of the time, money and not to mention wear and tear on my car that it would cost me to try to do her plan, I have decided to take my health in my own hands by doing three things: 1. Eat better (give up dairy and wheat for an indefinite period of time), 2. Detox, 3. Exercise. I am starting on the eating better now, I have been drinking smoothies with greens, and have two new favorite products (which I will tell you about below). I plan on doing a 4 week detox in September. I thought it would be unrealistic to pick my 30th birthday month to start. But I will start exercising above my zumba classes; I am currently looking for a fitness center or a reasonable personal trainer.  In addition, I think I will explore acupuncture as another option because it seems to have a great calming effect on me. I wonder how it would be if I targeted my sinuses?

Anyway, now to my new two favorite dairy and wheat free items:

1. Sprouted bread! Who knew frozen bread could taste so good? My friend M, has been living the holistic life for several years and does not eat dairy or wheat. She knows my desire to get healthier, but sadness about losing bread, so she gave me the remainder of her “Food for life” 7 sprouted grain bread to try. So, the next morning, I took out a slice from the freezer, toasted it and drizzled some Grade A organic honey on it….YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really good and healthy for you. If you don’t know, sprouted grain bread is a flourless bread that is made with grains and legumes that are sprouted prior to being ground up. Allowing the grains and legumes to sprout increases the nutritional value because it is considered to be alive.

2. Coconut Bliss- Chocolate hazelnut fudge : I think I died and went to heaven! This is a great alternative to ice cream if you can’t eat dairy products for whatever reason. Coconut bliss is made with coconut milk and has all natural ingredients. It also comes in different flavors for those who may not like chocolate. M had cherry and coconut, but I checked their site and they have  6 flavors currently. I suggest you run to whole foods or whatever market that may carry it and try it out!

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1 Response to Becoming healthier–some dairy and wheat free options

  1. Thank you so much for the Coconut Bliss love!

    I had a similar conversation with my ND earlier this year and cutting out wheat & dairy have really helped a lot of my problems. He gave me a whole list of items that cause inflammation for my blood type and cutting them out has really helped my sinus & respiratory problems. Best of luck with your journey.

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