The Quest for the Wheat and Gluten Free Pancake

I am still trying to find ways to incorporate healthy eating, especially by giving up wheat products. As I had explained in an earlier blog, I have sinus issues, that are most likely being exacerbated by my wheat intake, since wheat causes the production of mucus. I was at Trader Joes and I saw a gluten free pancake mix. I got really excited because it appeared to be very simple to make and could allow me to keep my saturday pancake tradition. Plus I didn’t realize how complicated wheat-free pancakes made from scratch could be. I bought buckwheat flour only to find out that I couldn’t just use this flour to make pancakes, I need other wheat free flours…(If I can make buckwheat pancakes just using buckwheat flour, I would love the recipe from someone!) Any who, so I set out to make it. In place of soy milk, I used rice milk and pretty much followed the directions verbatim. Well, I did add in some vanilla extract and cinnamon..:)  It definitely had the same texture that my traditional pancakes have as well as it fried pretty nicely. The pancakes cook faster than normal pancakes, but come out looking the same. I had some turkey bacon with it and loaded up the maple syrup and gave it a taste….. boy was I disappointed. Maybe I am not used to the texture, but they had a strange taste and they were chewier than regular pancakes. I ended up having to through them away because they did not agree with my stomach. I was so disappointed! I really need to find a great tasting wheat and gluten-free pancake mix or recipe! I can not give up pancake Saturdays!!!!!!!

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1 Response to The Quest for the Wheat and Gluten Free Pancake

  1. J says:

    Dang! I wonder if it was the rice Milk?

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