The Tow Truck Cometh…..New Haveners beware!

I live in the Elm City otherwise known as New Haven, CT. Over the past few years, it really seems like the city is desperate for money. I had a friend run into the store for 5 minutes and come out to find her car gone. The towers are like stealth bombers; they sneak in when you least expect it. If you don’t get towed, then look for New Haven’s finest meter maids to be primed and ready to give you a parking ticket. While I was walking home yesterday, I was amazed at the amount of parking tickets I saw. I happened to look back and caught this picture of a tow truck taking away some poor person’s car. Please make sure you read the signs before parking and definitely make sure you put money in the meter. The tow trucks and meter maids are just waiting for you!

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