Summer lunch at Yale Farm

So apparently Yale has a farm. I think I had been vaguely aware of that when I was in graduate school, but I (for some reason) thought it was far away. However, its right in my neighborhood. Whoddathunkit? During the summer, the college makes a big push for the staff to do things together. One of the options was lunch at Yale Farm. And since I love food, especially free food, I was like, “why not?” 

As I walked up to the pavilion which would serve as our lunch site, I was truly amazed with the amount of produce in the little space.  I passed plum and apple trees as well as beautiful flowers. On the menu was a variety of fire roasted pizzas made with produce grown on the farm as well as a lentil and zucchini salad, mixed greens, hummus, and fresh bread. The pizza was prepared literally in front of us and was outstanding! I tried a beet pizza, a zucchini, garlic, and lemon pizza, and a pizza with wilted escarole. Yum!

After I ate, I took a walk around the farm and looked at all of the wonderful produce. They are growing everything from herbs to rhubarb. Recently they added chickens and the chickens looked very healthy and happy. It seemed like the chickens were coming up to me so I could take their picture

Overall, great lunch, great walk, and great company. A wonderful way to start the weekend off.

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1 Response to Summer lunch at Yale Farm

  1. Karen says:

    Hello, It sounds like you had a lovely day at the Yale farm. The pizzas all sound great.

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