Stopping to smell the flowers….

We are all busy, there isn’t any doubt about it. Even the ones that may not feel that they are probably do not take the time to enjoy the environment around them. Over the past year, I have done my best to keep myself “in the moment”. You see, I have a tendency to over analyze and think to far in advance. But slowly and surely, I am starting to rein that in and truly enjoy the things around me at any given moment. I try to take my camera every where I go to capture things of interest. For the past few days, I have admired the flowers in my neighborhood along my walk to and from work:

There are so many flowers in bloom around my neighborhood. Just taking the time to pause and appreciate their beauty helped me realize the wonderful things in life I probably miss by moving rapidly through my day. When is the last time you stopped to smell the flowers? It truly is a wonderful world out there!

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