Uncorked, a wine bar

I love Groupons! If you are reading this and have never purchased one, I extremely recommend that you sign up to get Groupons in your area and snag the first one that catches your eye. My friend E got me hooked on them about a year ago, and since then, I look forward to receiving my daily deal. A few months ago, I saw a Groupon for $50 worth of food and drinks at Uncorked for only $15. I immediately jumped on it because it would give me a chance to try a relatively new restaurant (it opened last July in West Hartford) and who doesn’t love wine and food?


Isn't the menu very cool? It was made of corked. I felt it made a nice touch.



On Saturday night, my line sister A and I headed there and were impressed by the decor inside the restaurant. It has a very intimate feel, with low lighting. Wine is definitely a highlight of the restaurant-when you walk in, there are several bottles along the left wall that are encased in these futuristic argon gas-filled refrigerators. Each wine is electronically served. What I mean is that the waiter presses a button for a “taste serving” a 3oz serving, or for a full glass serving. If you like wine, I highly recommend their selection, I think they have about 68 different kinds of wine to choose from. While we were waiting to be seating both A and I sampled some of the white wines. Our favorite ended up being the estate riesling.

Once we got to our table, we both ordered the sea bass with orzo risotto and wilted greens with a balsamic reduction. And of course we had wine. I ordered a full glass of the estate riesling to go with my food.  Before we came to the restaurant, I read some reviews posted about the food portions being too small, but both A and I felt that the portion was just right. We were able to eat it without feeling too stuffed after wards.

However, I did have some issues with the place. When we first arrived, we waited at least 5 minutes before anyone came up to welcome us and take our names to wait for a table. And the women who did greet us, did not do so with a smile–she seemed kind of perturbed actually. I dislike having service like that. If you can’t do a job like that with a smile, then you might be in the wrong profession. I know my limitations, that is why I am not doing it…lol Oh yeah, one more piece of information, they don’t take reservations. In addition, it was extremely hot in there. I was guzzling down the water!

If you discount the minor issues I had with Uncorked, it definitely was a good experience. Both the food and wine were excellent. In addition the waiter manning the wine bar was very helpful with the wine selection, which A really appreciated. For the budgetista like me, I feel like me and A got a sweet deal, (especially since the food and wine was kind of pricey). In addition, because I bought the Groupon awhile ago, it made me feel like I got a free meal.

How about you, do you love Groupons? Why or Why not?

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