May 31, 2010–End of project

Memorial Day. Overall, a very restful day. I experienced eyebrow threading for the first time, which was interesting. I was told it is less painful than waxing, but I am not so sure. At least with waxing, its done fast-threading takes awhile. The one benefit to threading is no redness afterwards. Afterwards, I went to target, whole food, and trader joes. The one of best parts of the day was hanging out with my sisterfriend K. I really enjoy the time I spend with her (I have a lot of people with the first name K in my life 🙂 ) .  The other great part of the day was speaking to my sister. I was so happy that she called me as it is usually the other way around. Something about hearing her voice really warmed my spirit.

Finally, I began my journey to learn Italian. I have a friend, K who is doing her Ph.D. in Italian and volunteered to teach me italian for free. She had me buy a book (see picture) and my assignment was to do the first chapter. I am really looking forward to my lesson tomorrow. We are going to meet for two hours each week and she will teach me this beautiful language. I am noticing that italian has a lot of similar words to the spanish language and it is sort of throwing me off because I want to pronounce things the Spanish way. I hope I don’t continue to get them confused.

Today marks the end of May and my assignment to stay in the moment.  I have learned so much about myself this month and I really started to push out of my comfort zone. From doing a photo shoot to really paying attention to my feelings and needs, I am really proud of these past 31 days. I am so thankful for all of the people who touched my life this month as well as the lessons that they unknowingly taught me. I feel this month has started me on the path to realizing what I want to be when I grow up as well as helping me to see what does not work. In addition, I am in the place where I plan to actively rebuke anything that does not reflect who I am. I am honestly excited for the upcoming months. I have several trips planned home as well as a big trip to Rome.

This August I will be leaving my twenties behind forever and I am determined to enter them in a more positive space. I look forward to the blessings that God has for me.

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1 Response to May 31, 2010–End of project

  1. J says:

    Wow! What a journey! I have truely enjoyed reading your blog and have learned alot about myself as well. I’m sad to see this end. Thank you for opening up and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us! May God bless you and keep you.

    Love Always!

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