May 30, 2010

Lovely sunday morning I must say. I woke up early, got dressed and finished my hair. Then I headed to church with my good friend K. I was so happy to see her. I don’t think I saw her since my graduation last year. We spent the day together-first at church, then brunch at stonebridge in Milford (which I must add is quite yummy!), and finally shopping at the mall and sex and the city 2. Overall, just a great day. I was so good talking with her and catching up. Today the thing that resonated with me the most is time with good friends and really, really being there for them. Truly listening to your friends while you are with them and not focusing on bills, worries, etc. I was fully able to enjoy K and to share in her happiness. I feel spending time with your friends and loved ones can serve to recharge your soul, just like spending time by yourself. The most important thing is to just make sure you make every moment count.

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