Post Wedding Detoxing (aka: My 30 yr old body can’t hang like my 20 yr old one could)

Yes, it’s that time of year. After a lengthy drought of weddings, I find myself surrounded by friends and associates that are getting married. It seems like there was a big wedding push right after college, then a lull for about 6 or 7 years. Now that I am in my early thirties, it seems like another resurgence is upon me: Enter bridesmaid duties #2.

This past Friday, one of my closest friends Jade “jumped the broom” and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid. I was really touched and emotional because I have had the opportunity to watch her and Mike’s relationship evolve over the years from friend, boyfriend, fiance, to now husband.

Jade was extremely organized. So organized to the point where I might have to see if she might want to be my personal assistant when I get married…lol  Her wedding activities kicked off on Wednesday night when we had a last Girls Night Out. It was very low-key, we went bowling and ate food:

The next day, was the normal chain of events leading up to beautifying treatments, rehearsal at the venue and rehearsal dinner. However, I wasn’t expecting to be choked up by Jade’s words to me as she was presenting me with my bridesmaid’s gift. Gosh, I had to seriously stop myself from boo hooing. It made me think about how much our friendship has meant to me these 11 years and how I should definitely say it more often. Isn’t it crazy how you can care for a friend, but never get the full sense of how much you mean to them? That’s how I felt and why I wanted to cry. I discounted myself and how much a friend would actually care about me. Never again!

Jade’s wedding day, dawned bright and sunny. I was so happy for her because her ceremony was to take place outside. We all spent a long time getting ready–hair, makeup, the usual suspects, which all led up to the joining of two into one.

And of course, the reception–definitely the longest part of the wedding. Drinks were flowing–I started drinking when the groomsmen brought us drinks while we were taking pictures. There were more drinks before we went into the reception and of course during. Let’s just say I drank too much. I keep forgetting what a lightweight I am now. But luckily, I didn’t get drunk nor wake up with a hangover. So I did show some semblance of sanity…lol  Anywho, I digress. I thought the reception was fantastic–lots of dancing ensued and I was able to reconnect with some friends.

However, it is becoming more and more clear to me that I can not hang and eat like I did in my twenties. The day after the wedding, I felt sluggish and tired. However, after being on the road for 5 hours traveling back home, I made myself go for a two mile run. The next day, I did a one day mostly juice detox to reset my system.

I wanted to give my body a chance to rest from digestion (since I was on meat overload during the week)as well as to help clear out some of the mucus I had built up due to being outdoors a lot. I have crazy sinus and allergy issues. So I had juice for breakfast and lunch and then had a whole wheat english muffin with a little bit of peanut butter for dinner. I also snacked on bananas, strawberries, and had one granola bar(for fiber) throughout the day.

Here’s the basic juice:

1 granny smith apple, 1 mango, one head of romaine lettuce, one pickling cucumber, and one thumb nail size of ginger.

This glass only held one half of it. So I had to drink it in two separate glasses.

Today, I am back to regular eating, but I am continuing to flush myself out by drinking lots of water. Plus I got a run in this morning.

Overall, it was a great time and my body is thanking me for allowing it to get a rest.

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2 Responses to Post Wedding Detoxing (aka: My 30 yr old body can’t hang like my 20 yr old one could)

  1. I totally agree the 30’s make the body recover a little longer

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