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Not your grandmother’s Sunday dinner….well, at least mine

Growing up, Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s house was always an event. They would always take place immediately after church service (or late afternoon) and would consist of some sort of meat: baked ham, turkey, fried chicken, etc. A veggie, that was cooked with … Continue reading

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Easy like sunday…..

Sunday was a great day. I got up, went to church at 8am and then to Old Testament Sunday School afterwards.  I then headed to Claire’s Corner Copia and picked up a giant slice of Carrot Cake and headed home. I swear … Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch and IKEA

On Sunday, E, Iffy, and I went to the Pantry for brunch. It was wonderful! I hadn’t been since I moved back to New Haven and was so thankful that E had proposed this idea. I meant to take a … Continue reading

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