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The unexpected blessings of traveling solo.

A slight hint of trepidation penetrated my heart as I awaited for my solo international journey to start. Was this a mistake? Would I be lonely traveling by myself? Wouldn’t it be better to experience Paris and Barcelona with a … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Pearl

So lately, I have become a spin-aholic. I mean, I even have the padded pants to protect my lady parts from those hard seats ( Those who have taken a spinning class knows what I am talking about…lol). ┬áNext step … Continue reading

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2015. The year of being unapologetically single

For some reason, the state of my love life is becoming more and more interesting to people as I get older. Family and strangers alike find it strange that I haven’t earned my M-R-S degree along with my other educational … Continue reading

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What happens when your luggage makes it to Vegas and you don’t?

Mandy Hale sure does know. She describes this along with many other tales of her life thus far in her latest book, “I’ve Never Been to Vegas, but my luggage has.” I couldn’t tell you how I first came across … Continue reading

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2014: Being ok with being different

I think one of the major differences I have noticed about myself since I entered my thirties that I am becoming increasingly comfortable with being me. When I was younger, I tried so hard to fit in. In elementary school, … Continue reading

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Why it is important to do it on your own sometimes

When I was younger, I had a hard time doing things by myself. If I couldn’t find anyone to go to the movies with me or go to some event, I just wouldn’t go. I was too worried about what … Continue reading

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