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Trusting God

I can’t believe that a quarter of 2016 is almost over! ¬†This has made me think seriously about the goals that I set in January and to assess if I was really making strides in this year of “becoming who … Continue reading

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Confessions of a recovering overthinker

I can admit, I am an overthinker. I can think of thousands upon thousands of ways things could not work out. I can think about how a person may or may not react to something I may say or do. … Continue reading

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Oh, my! I am my mother!

Last week, it hit me like an epiphany. I am my mother. Not my mother exactly, but I do have many traits that she possesses that I have fought hard against. I literally ran from. I love my mother to … Continue reading

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The importance of a name

Tonight as I was driving home from dinner, I thought about my first name. My father was the one who gave me the name “Shanta” and it wasn’t until I became an adult that I learned it was an Indian … Continue reading

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Listening to yourself

We all have a voice speaks from the heart. For some, it may be small, barely a whisper due to the fact that it has been ignored or suppressed. For others,¬† it could be like a roaring lion, making you … Continue reading

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