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Detox day 5….almost there

Body Brushing, check 1 Green lemonade, check 2 Feeling Good, check 3 I went to work today, like every other day. However, it was a little stressful today. I won’t go into details, (because I know it can be career … Continue reading

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Detox, day 4. Downward dogging it.

This detox has been a very interesting process. Unfortunately, I had to slip a little bread this morning because I woke up with “woman issues”–meaning cramps!!!!!!! I popped some pills, grabbed my green lemonade, my yoga mat and headed to … Continue reading

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Detox, day 3. Fighting Temptations

I think that this detox has finally made me realize that diet modification alone is not going to do the job. I think I need to take on Michelle Obama’s mantra and “get moving”.  I have decided that I am … Continue reading

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Detox, Day 2: New revelations

I woke up at 6am this morning and took a deep breath. Natalia recommends that you start the morning off with some movement, so I got up and turned on exercise tv and worked out for about 10minutes. Then I … Continue reading

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