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Those God moments

Seriously, 2014 is beginning to seem a little like 2013. At this point last year, I had just finished my MPH program and was waiting for God to send me a job. Last summer was a true test where I … Continue reading

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What happens when your luggage makes it to Vegas and you don’t?

Mandy Hale sure does know. She describes this along with many other tales of her life thus far in her latest book, “I’ve Never Been to Vegas, but my luggage has.” I couldn’t tell you how I first came across … Continue reading

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Church and me: A love/hate story

On Sunday, I¬†worshipped with my sorority sisters in a local Baptist church in Baltimore. Sitting in the pew and listening to the old spirituals brought memories flooding back of growing up in the church. You see, in my family going … Continue reading

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2014: Being ok with being different

I think one of the major differences I have noticed about myself since I entered my thirties that I am becoming increasingly comfortable with being me. When I was younger, I tried so hard to fit in. In elementary school, … Continue reading

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Living with Expectation

At our finger tips we can rapidly access unlimited amounts of information in a matter of seconds. We can turn a frozen dish to a cooked dish in less than 10 minutes. Our society has taught us to expect things … Continue reading

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Step into the world

Today, I graduated for the third and final time from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.¬† The funny thing is when I graduated with my PhD 4 years ago, it didn’t feel finite. But 4 years later, the … Continue reading

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These are the times we all wish for…

…”The moments when less mean so much more.”–Dru Hill With the events that have gone on in my life, the lives of close friends, and in the world in general, it is more and more apparent how short and precious … Continue reading

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Oh, my! I am my mother!

Last week, it hit me like an epiphany. I am my mother. Not my mother exactly, but I do have many traits that she possesses that I have fought hard against. I literally ran from. I love my mother to … Continue reading

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What are you waiting for?

I once heard it said that “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the ability to act in its presence.” I wish I could remember the person who wrote it, but I am blanking right now. I had planned to … Continue reading

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Lessons learned coming back to New Haven

After I finished my PhD, I swore two things: I would never come back and I would never go back to school. Ha! The laugh was on me because you should never tell God what you won’t do. In 2009, … Continue reading

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