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The unexpected blessings of traveling solo.

A slight hint of trepidation penetrated my heart as I awaited for my solo international journey to start. Was this a mistake? Would I be lonely traveling by myself? Wouldn’t it be better to experience Paris and Barcelona with a … Continue reading

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Lessons from a singleton: The importance of self-love on Valentine’s Day

Until four years ago, I used to dread Valentine’s Day if I found myself single on that day. I would feel pangs of sadness watching co-workers have flowers delivered to work or to see couples being mushy. However, it would … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Humidifier

I truly feel that God has a sense of humor. Honestly, I feel He gets a kick out of messing with littleĀ ole me. Yes, I am that woman: impatient and usually wants to analyze everything down to the miniscule detail. … Continue reading

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These are the times we all wish for…

…”The moments when less mean so much more.”–Dru Hill With the events that have gone on in my life, the lives of close friends, and in the world in general, it is more and more apparent how short and precious … Continue reading

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I am not my____________

Grades. I’d like to think of myself as an academic superstar. Shoot, I think my family would tell you that they think I will never stop. I have been in school all but 5 years of my life and I … Continue reading

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