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A hiking we will go….(aka Cosmo tackles a mountain)

Two years ago, I was what you would call a skinny fat girl. I was a couch potato, ate poorly, and rarely exercised. I was extremely prissy (and I still am to an extent…lol)–I didn’t like to sweat, never wanted … Continue reading

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Couch potato.Walk.Run: the evolution of healthy me

Since today is national running day, I thought I might be fun to¬† reflect on why I started to Run….again. The first time I ever ran seriously was in middle school– I vividly remember being on the track and long … Continue reading

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“The Stella get your groove back” glowing green smoothie

For my male readers out there, it could also be the “Get your mojo back” glowing green smoothie…lol It’s mean, its green…and extremely tasty! I am a big fan of smoothies and juicing because they both provide a way for … Continue reading

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Detox, accomplished!

My 10 day detox finally ended at noon today and I was so happy! This is the longest that I have ever went without caffeine or sugar and I am really proud of myself. To me, that part was the … Continue reading

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Couch to 5K…let’s get it!

This picture is of my and my sistahfriend K. It really looks like I am doing something doesn’t? I made the error of trying to run a 5 K last labor day without training. I was sore for a week! … Continue reading

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Detoxing for a week—Day 1

I have been on a quest to have my body function healthier because I feel that I have been eating things that could have contributed to mucus development, allergies, and lack of energy. I went to see a holistic doctor … Continue reading

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