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2015. The year of being unapologetically single

For some reason, the state of my love life is becoming more and more interesting to people as I get older. Family and strangers alike find it strange that I haven’t earned my M-R-S degree along with my other educational … Continue reading

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Kintsugi: The Beauty of Brokenness

Recently I learned about Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing pottery or ceramics with a lacquer containing gold, silver or platinum. The technique doesn’t hide the flaws, but makes them more visible and beautiful than before. In fact, the repaired … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard to do…

I had rehashed it over and over again in my mind. I’d talked to my friends and even my college advisor about breaking up with him. I just wanted to make sure I had it right. That I said the … Continue reading

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Tis the the season to detox, days 4-7

This detox has been an interesting process for my body. I think when you allow yourself to get into a place where you miss things (certain foods) it can make detoxing harder. I, for one, have been missing my sweets … Continue reading

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Cosmo’s inner cardio goddess

This past Saturday, I participated in my first 5K of the year, the Red dress run for women.  The main reason why I ran this race was to gauge how much more I needed to prepare for the upcoming race … Continue reading

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A list for a younger Cosmo

If I could go back and talk to my younger self, I prob wouldn’t give a big drawn out speech. I think I would just share nuggets of wisdom. In my mind it would read like David Letterman’s top ten … Continue reading

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The importance of mentoring

This past weekend was the 8th Annual Yale Bouchet Conference on Diversity in Graduate Education. (This conference serves to honor Dr. Edward Alexander Bouchet, who was the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in any discipline. I really admire him because … Continue reading

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Ikea inspiration

While my brother was in town, we decided to go to ikea to wait for our movie to start. We both loved the clean lines in the kitchens as well as some of the bedroom sets. Walking through the furniture, my … Continue reading

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Headboard revisted

A few blog entries ago, I talked about the headboard that I made. Since then I have begun to make my room more warm and inviting. I started by switching out my lamp for a nice once from IKEA as well … Continue reading

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Atlanta: Work.Friends.Food…..and Back ache!

Back ache! Work trips. Don’t we all love them? Well, I do. Especially when they allow me to combine work with pleasure.  I headed down to Atlanta on Wednesday and was thoroughly impressed with my lodgings at the Marriott Marquis … Continue reading

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