Colliding with destiny

What happens when you collide with destiny? When an opportunity so rare, so timely, comes your way? What do you do? Would you jump both feet in with no second thought? Would you tentatively put a toe in, then a foot, and then another foot, ensuring it is safe at each step? Or would you completely run in the opposite direction, believing that this opportunity is truly too good to be true?

I believe that when we are ready, God allows us to have these “destiny” moments. But it is up to us to ultimately decide what we should do when we are presented with them.

Unfortunately, we the battle worn, can look through lenses that are distorted with previous disappointments and missed opportunities. We can allow our minds to tell ourselves a thousand and one reasons why this opportunity will not work out in our best interest and that it isn’t even worth trying. Isn’t it amazing how your mind can convince you to completely shut off an opportunity that could launch you fully into what God has called you to be?

How hard are you willing to fight for your destiny? These “collisions” do not happen often. But when they do happen are you willing to jump in and internally fight whatever battles your mind may try to wage with you?

There is something to be said about hope and faith. To have hope that you will collide with your destiny and to have the faith that God will be with you along the way as you walk with your destiny. We can do ALL things through Him; but we don’t believe it at times.

But, what if for one glorious moment, we step out of our comfort zone? I believe that God causes ALL things to work for our good. So even if we fail, we shouldn’t worry. God is creating an indescribable tapestry out of our life experiences. All of the mistakes, failures, and blessings are shaping us into the beautiful vessels that God is creating us to be.

So if you find yourself colliding with your destiny, leap with both feet in.

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