Make America great again?

I have to believe that Trump’s election will not harken 4 years filled with hate and discrimination based on a person’s race, sexual orientation, or faith. I have to believe that he will not completely ruin our country. Yes, I know there are many people out there that are happy that he won and think he will “make America great again”, but I cannot join their excitement. Honestly, I could care less that he is a Republican. We have had many Republican presidents before that did not give me that same trepidation. My main concern with Trump has been his incitement of hate crimes around this country. Many people that I know fear for themselves and their friends and family. Will it be safe to wander down the streets?

But I have to believe that as a collective body we can chose love. We can bond together and not stand silently when we see an injustice. We can try to empathize with people who many not have the same life experiences as us. We can not just talk about our frustration but ardently seek to make this world a better place moment by moment, day by day. Because it isn’t in the grandiose “camera ready” moments that we make a difference, it is the small things. Its a smile you give a stranger, it is opening the door for a person that might be struggling, it is sticking up for someone that you see is being discriminated against.

I chose to believe that if you woke up this morning, you still have a purpose to fulfill. You still have lives to impact. You still have the opportunity to make a difference. So what are you going to do with this new opportunity you have today? How will you chose to contintue to make America be the great nation that it is? Because I don’t believe we need to make America great again. I believe it already is great because you are living in it. Don’t waste your opportunity to make a difference.

Be thankful to be alive

Be thankful for friends and family

Be thankful for your opportunity today to impact someone’s life

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