One word: Grateful

This month marks my first full year back in VA since college.  I moved here for an awesome opportunity and was excited about that, but I was so broken from the toll of the stress of finding the job and the relationship that I had to terminate earlier that year. For the majority of my first few months in VA, I just worked, went to church, and sat at home. I prayed to God to help me, to heal me, to help me forgive myself for my mistakes. To guide me. To learn to love this season that I am in and to bring people into my life that could enrich and minister in my life. To bring me experiences that I would thoroughly enjoy and to push myself to get out there and to try things I wouldn’t normally do.  Overall, to bring back the child-like zest for life that we sometimes lose as adults.

When I thought about this past year, I was so  grateful that I got slightly teary eyed. I have met some wonderful people that have poured into my spirit. I have experienced wonderful things and have pushed myself to finally take the trip that I had been waiting to do for a long time. So in two weeks, I will be boarding a plane and waking up in Paris. I am so looking forward to eating great food and seeing all of the sights that I have only dreamed about: the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame. And then in Barcelona—the tapas and Sagrada familia!

Isn’t it funny how life changes so gradually, you don’t even realize it has happened? Until one day, you pause and take stock on how far you have come. Each choice we make to get up and push through the pain and disappointment brings us closer to another glorious beginning. Day by Day, you find that your smiles come faster and that wonderous opportunities are brought to you. The bad seasons seem long, but when you enter a season of harvest, you realize that all of the heartache was necessary to help you appreciate the good when it came.

Even though I didn’t understand the lay off  and the heartbreak that I experienced last year, I realize that it has helped me to grow into a more compassionate and understanding woman. I am quicker to understand than to judge. Most of all, I make sure I do a better job of being grateful. For this reason, I say cheers to a new month and a new birthday year.

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5 Responses to One word: Grateful

  1. Nysja says:

    Yes! Embrace the change and look forward.. never back! Think positive and be that girl (:

  2. Nysja says:

    I’m new to blogging and would love if you could leave some feedback for me to learn off of saying we are both stressing similar messages to our readers!

  3. Jade! says:

    Beautiful Post! 🙂

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