This is 35.

I thought I would be sad turning 35 and still being single, but strangely enough I am happy and excited.  Something tells me that 35 is going to be a game-changer of a year.  Back in January, I promised myself to live this year unapologetically single and to truly embrace my life. I committed to getting out of God’s way and allowing him to do his work in my life. Every day, I find myself being challenged and stretched to grow into what God has called me to be. At times, it is rough, while at other times, I feel a sense of pure joy.

35 is bringing a fruition of many of my bucket list items. For one thing,  I will travel a bunch. Next month, I am headed to Paris and Barcelona, and then in December, Hawaii. Next year, I will be going to Costa Rica in February and then possibly Argentina in the winter.  I am looking forward to experiencing the culture and food associated with each place and just savoring my time to reflect and practice gratitude for the experiences I have been blessed with.

I will finally run my marathon in November! I am so excited, yet so nervous about this. I have been training since June and find myself pushing on everyday to achieve new mileage. My goal isn’t to make some time goal, but to finish standing in the time that I am allotted. Running is such a mental game. Every time I do a long run, I have to encourage myself to keep going. Telling myself, “You can do it Shanta!” It is hard, and I do have setbacks at times, but I keep on going. Running is definitely a great analogy to life and the perseverance it requires.

Lastly, I am just reminding myself to stay in the moment. To enjoy each day and savor the things/people that God brings into my life. Telling myself not to overthink, but to trust God will protect me and guide me along the right path.

So, here’s to 35. I know that it will be good to me and I will continue to place one foot in front of other following the path that God has set before me! My Bible verse for the year: Isaiah 43:18-19 “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?

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2 Responses to This is 35.

  1. atcvuu says:

    You go girl!!! Here’s to 30s and being unapologetically single!

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