The Parable of the Pearl

So lately, I have become a spin-aholic. I mean, I even have the padded pants to protect my lady parts from those hard seats ( Those who have taken a spinning class knows what I am talking about…lol).  Next step will be to get the spinning shoes. I have went from taking one class to taking two classes and I find myself trying to figure out how I can fit in another class in the midst of my other responsibilities.

Anyway, I am seriously digressing.

I was in a spin class last week spinning my heart out when all of a sudden, I felt my right pearl earring fly out of my ear. I spied the back of the earring under a bike near me, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find the pearl. After class, I looked under every bike in the class to no avail. When I got back in the locker room, I searched my workout clothes with the hopes that the pearl fell there. Nope. I finally paused and sent up a quick prayer to God and asked Him to help me find me pearl earring, but told Him that I would be ok if I didn’t find it.

Maybe, it was time for me to get another pair of earrings? Part of me hoped not. I love those pearl earrings. I wear them almost everyday. But, I came to terms with the fact that I may never find it.

Two days later, I was sitting down and something told me to look down. And amazingly, there it was, my missing pearl earring.

I immediately gave thanks to God for the earring, but it wasn’t until I talk to my friend Lady J, that I saw how that “God moment” could be applied to my daily life.

Think about it. Isn’t it amazing how we can spend so much time trying to make things happen on our own without seeking God first and allowing Him to bring what we need to us? Whether it’s a job, love, or in this case an earring, things tend to turn out disastrously if we do it on our own. However, in the right time, God brings us what we need and often what we so dearly want.

In the case of dating, I have had many people tell me that the reason why I am single is because I am not doing x, y, z, things. But the honest truth is even if I did all of those things, if God wasn’t ready for me to find the right person, it wouldn’t happen.  So ultimately, it comes down to faith. I have to trust that like the pearl, God will bring the right person to me at the right time.

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