Lessons from a Humidifier

I truly feel that God has a sense of humor. Honestly, I feel He gets a kick out of messing with little ole me. Yes, I am that woman: impatient and usually wants to analyze everything down to the miniscule detail. Because of this God doesn’t tell me stuff years or even in some cases, days in advance. I think He has me on a “need to know” basis. It was the case when I was unemployed last year and has been the case for  numerous occasions. God has never been on my time, but in his perfect will and way the right time.  But I think every now and then He has to remind me that He runs my life and plans, not me.

Enter the humidifier story.

Last night, my nasal passages were feeling very dry (I so dislike winter by the way…lol) and thought it would be best that I ran my humidifier last night. I filled it up and placed it beside my bed and turned it on. Yet it didn’t want to work! The red light flashed on it to tell me that it was “empty”.  I tried to shut it off and turn it back on several times, but to no avail. I also tried to wipe the sensor off, but that didn’t work either. I became impatient–I started to fuss and whack the machine. But then I stopped because I realized that there was no point in this craziness.

I left it on and reasoned that it would work in due course. That it would recognize that it was full, not empty. And would you know, about 10 minutes later, I heard the steam rising from the humidifier ready to give my nasal passages relief. I immediately started laughing at the irony of this and immediately recognized that God was trying to teach me two valuable lessons:

1. Things may not happen on my time line, but they will always happen when they need to happen. Nothing I can do will be able to change God’s time frame for things to occur in my life.

2. There are times when we may feel like we are empty (of love, faith, etc) but the truth is we are already full and never lacked it. We just failed to realize it.

It is amazing the way that God can speak to us.  Sometimes it just requires a certain stillness and receptiveness to the things he wishes to reveal to us.

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