Pumpkin spiced oatmeal

I love the fall. The changing of the leaves, layering of the clothes, and the pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. In all honesty, the only reason why I love the fall is because of the pumpkin spiced latte. I am actually quite addicted to them. I have my good friend E to thank for this.

Last year, I was lamenting over the fact that I didn’t like coffee and that I wish I did so I could blend in with my (then) coffee drinking classmates. You see, I am a stringent tea drinker. Actually, I am very habitual and I even wrote a song about my love of tea. You can check it out here. Anywho, I digress. After listening to my semi-pitiful story about my dislike of coffee, she recommended that I try the pumpkin spiced latte.

So one day after a run, I did and a new love affair began with all things pumpkin: doughnuts, cake, etc. I became obsessed. This year, when Starbucks sent me a note to let me know the pumpkin spiced latte was back ( I know, quite sad) my pumpkin cravings came back. Although delicious, having a pumpkin spiced latte everyday wouldn’t be the best thing for my body. So I sought a way how to incorporate that flavor in my diet in a healthier way.

Hence “Pumpkin spiced” oatmeal was born. Doesn’t it look good?

photo(1)In addition to being yummy, it was pretty quick to make provided you roast the pumpkin and its seeds a day ahead.


1/2 cup roasted pumpkin

1 cup almond milk (or your nondairy or dairy milk of choice)

1/2 cup of your oatmeal (I used all natural 5 grain cereal, which is an oatmeal with oats, rye, triticale, barley and golden flax)

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg (or less depending on your taste buds)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon ginger


1. Take the roasted pumpkin and place it in the cup of almond milk and then use an immersion blender to blend the pumpkin into the milk. You want to make sure that you break up any chunks. The liquid should be smooth prior to adding the other ingredients.

2. Add the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg to the pot and mix thoroughly.

3. Add the oatmeal and cook according to manufacturer’s instructions, stirring constantly

4. Serve with roasted seeds for a garnish and sprinkle some brown sugar for sweetness if necessary. Enjoy!

I hope you will love my recipe as much as I did:)

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