Living with Expectation

At our finger tips we can rapidly access unlimited amounts of information in a matter of seconds. We can turn a frozen dish to a cooked dish in less than 10 minutes. Our society has taught us to expect things now, not tomorrow or years later. Heaven help us if we lose our cell phone–we feel like our world is over. We carry that same expectation of instantaneous gratification over to our relationships with people and in situations in our lives. We quickly lose patience when people do not act in the way we expect. Whether it’s a love, familial, or friendship relationship, we find ourselves hurt when things do not come to fruition in the way that we expect.  When we are waiting for God’s blessing or for him to change a situation around, we easily become discouraged or depressed when it doesn’t come right way.

I am guilty of this myself. But God has showed me time and time again that “my time” is not necessarily the right time. The things I think I need and want may actually be bad for me. Those relationships I want restored may need to stay severed or left as they are so I can continue to grow. Maybe you are like me and get discouraged sometimes when things don’t necessarily come when you want them to. God challenges us every day to exhibit our faith through patience. To go forward in life with the expectation that those things we so desire will come to pass. And if they don’t, the knowledge and trust that God has something even better for us coming down the road. In this season of health and healing, it is important to stretch our faith and live with expectation.  As it is stated in James1:4 (NKJV): “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

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