Step into the world

2013-05-21 08.57.50-1Today, I graduated for the third and final time from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  The funny thing is when I graduated with my PhD 4 years ago, it didn’t feel finite. But 4 years later, the MPH graduation does.  I realized that this was really it–I am done with my traditional educational pursuits.  And with that came a sense of peace and amazement. I have been on the educational hamster wheel for a long time now, so to finally jump off is so weird, but exciting.

This year has been a period of extreme transition. I have experienced love and heartbreak, joy and sadness, and ultimately, the growing sense that I am on the path that God has chosen for me. Everything that was not meant to carry on with me in this next phase has been removed and now I am free to transition fully into the space of where I am meant to be.

Not that it doesn’t hurt. I think we often feel we know what is best for us. In my case, it was a relationship that came to an abrupt halt. But I trust that was meant to happen to free me for this next phase.

As I walked across that stage today, I finally felt that I was exactly where I needed to be at this space of time. I am excited about the possibilities that the next phase is bringing. The doors are opening. All is left for me to do is to step into the world and embrace all that God has coming for me.

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