Breaking up is hard to do…

I had rehashed it over and over again in my mind. I’d talked to my friends and even my college advisor about breaking up with him. I just wanted to make sure I had it right. That I said the right things. He had been so good to me over the past few months. So supportive and willing to talk to me about all of my problems. How could I tell him that I wasn’t really interested in him? That I only agreed to be with him because he was so supportive and that is all I thought I needed. But I realized that I also needed passion. I was tired of doing the same thing.

So this morning I went to see him and let him know that I couldn’t be with him anymore.

“It’s not your research, It’s my interests*”

You see, I was breaking up with my capstone advisor (which is the equivalent of a master’s thesis advisor).  Over the past few months, I have seen my interests move from epidemiology to health policy and health disparities so it was no longer reasonable for me to work on my project as it was. So I had to let him go. It was hard for me because he is such a great person and has really been a great person to bounce ideas off of. But even though I liked him, I really couldn’t get excited about the project. I kept feeling myself drawn to health disparities and health policy more and more. And for the sake of not killing myself over the next four months doing the equivalent of two capstones, I had to make the decision to leave him.  It wasn’t easy, but the rest of my academic time here will flourish even more now that I found my niche. But, it was hard to leave him. But isn’t it always?

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1 Response to Breaking up is hard to do…

  1. Katherine C. Mead-Brewer says:

    I can fully sympathize with this; my research interests have really flown the coup on me in recent months because the research and topics I was so dedicated to as an undergraduate student just no longer grip me as they once did. I have also grown much more interested in research related to health disparities, particularly in regards to women’s health. Good luck with your work and thanks for writing!

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