Let’s Get Vegucated!

I have been doing my body a supreme disservice the past few months. Since I have been back in school, I have seen my diet go from healthy to blah and overly filled with processed foods. In addition, I have felt sluggish and tired all the time. My body’s way of telling me to get it together.

As much as the meat lover in me doesn’t want to admit, my body is happier when I go extended periods without meat and dairy. Let’s face it, any meat-eater or recovering meat-eater will tell you, both meat and dairy are so addictive. But over the years, I have significantly reduced my meat intake, but I notice still that my body is not happy.

So I decided after watching this documentary called “Vegucated”, I would challenge myself to go Vegan. Nothing like seeing how the animals that you eat are treated prior to ending up in that tightly wrapped plastic container that you purchase at a grocery store to get you motivated. I highly recommend that video. I have always vaguely heard about the treatment of animals and read about it, but it is nothing like seeing it. Gesh.

In addition, pursuing education in public health has further opened my eyes. Do you know how many chronic diseases, allergies, etc are caused by our western diet? I see meat now, I think about cancer. The thing that finally sealed the deal to finally fully commit to transitioning to an almost meat free and processed free (maybe even one day totally meat and dairy free) diet was my nutrition class I took last term. Did you know excess sugar intake has the ability to prevent us from absorbing some of the key nutrients we need for the proper functioning of your body?  I am not telling you that you need to give up all of these things. I know it is hard. But give your body a chance to reboot and let you be able to finally tell you what it needs to be nourished.

What is good for my body may not be good for yours, so you need to do the research and educate yourself on nutrition. But what you can do is give your body a clean slate, to be able to aid you in this discovery.

So I challenge you to join me on my one month Vegan challenge starting January 1st 2013. I have set up a group on facebook to help encourage and motivate you throughout the process. The group will be a place for you to share recipes and post what you are learning about your body and yourself as you are going through the process. If you can’t see yourself giving up meat or dairy, try to give up processed foods for a month. What that means is that you will be doing most of your shopping on the outer periphery of the grocery store. Most processed foods are in the grocery store aisles if you haven’t noticed. I know I hadn’t prior to wanting to be more healthy and found it funny to see that all grocery stores are set up this way…lol

If you are still on the fence, I would recommend you using this time to educate yourself about veganism and research recipes. They are quite yummy. Check out vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Again, you will be surprised.

Some initial books to check out would be Veganomicon, Vegan on the Cheap, The Kind Diet, and Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Food.

In addition, check out vegan blogs like, Oh She Glows.

I would love to have you join me on my journey:)

If you are on facebook, join the group here:




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2 Responses to Let’s Get Vegucated!

  1. Courtney says:

    Great post!! I’ve been vegan for 2 weeks now and I LOVE it, to my surprise. My meat/dairy cravings have completely stopped and I’m actually craving fruits/veggies. It’s also done wonders for my GI tract in just 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy it the way I have!

  2. brandnewphd says:

    Great!!! I hope I will enjoy it too:)

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