The Chronicles of a thirty something student (Part 1)

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I know I did hanging out with some of my classmates at harbor east. Being the old lady trapped in a 31 year old’s body kind of woman  that I am, it was totally not in my plan to go out on Wednesday. But I was peer pressured and succumbed to the voice in my head (of a particular classmate that shall not be named…lol) telling me that I need to go out and network and make friends…lol So I did and I am really glad I forced myself to go. I meet some really cool people and had a chance to interact with some classmates that I  knew already.

So it was really sad to wake up out of my two week staycation and head to class this morning. Let’s just say wow! Imagine a room filled with 250 people–the majority have their apples or pcs open (including myself) taking notes and following the lectures via powerpoint. Imagine that same group of people taking online polls about the state of public health in our country and across the world and tweeting about it.

Beginning to learn about all of the things you should know before finishing a degree in 11 months can be quite intimidating. Almost crazy. I haven’t picked up a textbook in over 8 years. Am I ready to begin studying again? I would like to think the bulk of my classmates are crazy too–physicians and medical students, nurses and other clinicians, consultants and policy makers. Also the outliers like me, the research scientists who are trying to make a more concrete impact on the world and step away from the lab bench. Yes. I’d like to think we are all crazy.

But let’s get to simpler things. I am determined this time around as a student not to dress like a bum–I never know who I could meet. I am determined to socialize more and freak out less.  I am determined to make the most out of these 11 months and come out ready to make a difference in U.S. public health. I want to save lives-millions at a time, like Johns Hopkins’s motto.

And so amongst the food and restaurant posts you will start to see my chronicles over the course of these 11 months. I will be transitioning from microbiologist and higher ed administrator to public health epidemiologist. I feel slightly crazy, but it feels so right. It’s the right time and I plan on embracing it to the fullest.

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