Sunday morning farmer’s market frolic

6:45 am. Most of the Mt. Vernon neighborhood was quiet. As I stepped outside my apartment, I noticed a faint breeze in the air and the brightness of the sun against the charming row houses. As I began my walk downtown, I was excited and anxious to see what I might discover.

I was on my way to the Baltimore Farmer’s market and bazaar, which is held on Sundays from 7 am to 12 noon. From reading about it, I realized that I should get there early because it gets extremely crowded as the day progresses.

As I turned the corner to the entrance of the market I felt a little I like Rachel Zoe when I shouted, “This is bananas!” Endless vendors selling all kinds of wares from clothing to soap, from tomatoes to raspberries. There was a smoothie tent at the entrance of the market that blended by bicycle power. If you blended your own, it would be $5, if they bike blended yours, it would be $6. I didn’t go there this time, but I have to try that soon!

Before I made any commitments to purchase, I slowly walked around twice and visually soaked up all of the goodness.

Of course the first thing I head towards is something sweet. I had read about the mini doughnuts found at this market and I really wanted to try some. Hey, great breakfast of champions! I ordered a small size and watched them make the little gems right before my eyes. Once he handed them to me, I had several choices in which to top them with. I settled on my old stand by–cinnamon. Those doughnuts were A-MAZE-ING!!!!!

Unfortunately, since I went bulk shopping at BJ’s, I wasn’t in need of much, so I couldn’t really indulge in my produce urges. Although, I did score some peas, a large cucumber, and a cute bouquet of wildflowers.

But I can definitely see myself at that market if not every Sunday, every other Sunday. I am so excited that it runs until December 23rd. I will be able to get local and organic produce and meat (all kinds, even rabbit and bison) fresh every week.

There are tons of markets in Baltimore that I still have to visit. I love being back in the South–I missed the abundance of fresh produce available at a fraction of the cost I paid in New England. As I am entering half marathon training this Monday, I am sure my body will appreciate all of the wonderful and healthy things I will be introducing to it over the course of the next 12 weeks of training.

I love Baltimore!

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3 Responses to Sunday morning farmer’s market frolic

  1. I loved going at 10 when it was busy and bustling…nothing like wandering through crowds. And I scored some deals…love it!

    Also…we need to do BJs runs together I think! 🙂

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