10 year college anniversary kickoff: Why I chose Virginia Union University

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated college!

(forgive the pic–pre-digital camera days…lol)

This month 10 years ago, I marched into the football field with my fellow classmates. I remember my favorite professor Dr. Madu standing up when us Biology majors walked across the stage. I remember my sorority sisters yelling out our call when we each picked up our degree…

Fourteen years ago, Virginia Union University wasn’t really on the radar.  In fact, no college was. I wasn’t one of those kids that thought about and plotted where they wanted to go to college from birth. I had a goal at the time to be a medical doctor and I wanted to go to the school that would give me the most money.

Luckily for me I had a wonderful guidance counselor that helped me get on the ball as well as throwing in a suggestion of her own–Virginia Union. Her son had went there and participated in this program called Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC). She told me that the honors program prepared students interested in graduate and medical school and more importantly covered the last two years of tuition. I was intrigued and went up to visit the campus the spring of my junior year.

The campus was small–you can see one end of the campus from the other end…lol, but the professor in charge of the MARC program (Dr. Madu) was nice. I know the college students probably thought I was crazy when I stated that I would be coming and getting into this program, but I didn’t care. I applied to about 7 schools and ended up at VUU because they gave me an academic scholarship.

But what was an initial financially motivated decision ended up being one of the best ones I made in my life. Yes, VUU didn’t have as many resources as the ivy league school I ended up doing my graduate studies, but it gave me SO much more.

Virginia Union instilled a deep love for the history and tradition that it was built upon. From a little jail to a thriving university, Union has accomplished a lot since the 1800’s. The school does a great job of garnering “Panther Pride” in its dear old walls and hallowed grounds.

Here I was able to step out of my shell and make lots of friends. I pledged a sorority and even was a dorm and sophomore class queen–go figure. My relationship with my college adviser Dr. Madu still stands today and we talk regularly on the phone. He has become more like a father than a professor to me.  He was and still is one of my best supporters as I navigate my professional career.

Now I am not saying Virginia Union was perfect–it did have some issues, any Unionite could tell you. But my four years spent there were some of the best of my young life. My professors believed in me and supported me. My sorority sisters and friends challenged me to become a better person and just to let go and have fun. For this reason, now and forever:

“Union we’ll  e’er revere the cause for which you stand

Union, majestic lights send rays throughout the land

Thy hallowed grounds and dear old walls may they forever be,

dear Union  I (we) still love thee…”

##Now if I messed up the lyrics, someone let me know…lol

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7 Responses to 10 year college anniversary kickoff: Why I chose Virginia Union University

  1. Lolita Armstrong says:

    Soror I could not have said it better. Proud Soror & UNIONITE.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. I wondered if you’d be interested in offering this story to my project http://www.HBCUstory.com. We tell stories like yours everyday in an effort to promote HBCU history, pride and awareness. – cad

  3. Great! I’ll be in touch soon. Please send me your contact information at info@HBCUstory.com.

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