Spring reboot, Days 2 and 3: Sugar is a helluva drug

So I am definitely detoxing. I can feel its ever presence by the low throbbing going on in my head. I think I am more conscious of this fact because this detox is very limiting on what I can eat. Only fruit and veggies.  I am so thankful that I gave up caffeine last week because having to go through its withdrawal on top of what I can only imagine is a combination of sugar and processed foods withdrawal would be doubly painful. It has also driven home the message to me of how hard it truly must be to give up any kind of addiction–sugar or even something stronger. Caffeine withdrawal only takes three days to go away. Apparently sugar takes about 21- 28 days to clear your system. I just hope this dull ache in my head isn’t with me for the next seven days of this process.

I also truly feel for people with dietary and other health restrictions. Last night, I had to go out to dinner prior to another work related event in the evening. I was glad I had convinced my coworker to go to a vegetarian spot, but it was even hard to find something on that menu that wouldn’t require me to have to eat a salad. After asking numerous questions to the waitress about a particular dish: “Does it contain dairy?” “Is there any grain in this dish?”, etc. I finally settled on a special of the day: Roasted Butternut squash with chickpeas, kale and garlic. It was actually very yummy.  I thought chickpeas were vegetables, but apparently they are legumes. So I slipped a little. Luckily, there were only a few of them here and there in the dish.  Oh, well.

So here’s a quick summary of yesterday’s eats and today’s current eats and future eats as well as exercising:

Yesterday, Day 2

1. Had warm water with lemon and read the Bible.

2. Made a beet, cucumber, pear and carrot juice and drank it.

3. Dry brushed and took a shower

4. Had my Kale Salad(blogged about this on Monday)

5. Did a two mile run walk

6. Made a stir fry dish with the kelp noodles, broccoli, and garlic and ginger (will post a pic on Friday)

7. Had a cup of Mango Acai Herbal tea and went to bed.

Day three

1. Had a hot cup of water with lemon and read the Bible

2. Had a banana

3. Forgot to dry brush, but still bathed

4. Went to work and had an orange

5. Drinking a glass of apple cucumber ginger and pear juice

6. Will eat my Kale Salad at some point

7. Will eat my leftover Butternut squash and Kale (skipping the chickpeas) for a late snack

8. Run with Black Girls Run (miles to be determined)

9. Eat my leftover veggie stir fry

10. Have a glass of herbal tea and go to bed.

Both days I plan to remain hydrated to help the toxins flush out of my body. One week to go. Wish me luck!

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