The Priceless Project: Helping teens know their self worth

I don’t know about you, but my teenage years sorta sucked. I had to deal with transition when my mother uprooted us from upstate New York and moved us to rural Virginia. When I got there, I had to get to know a new group of people who had already established their cliques in middle school. Because of this, I never felt like I fit in high school. Added to that,  I wasn’t able to participate in many school activities because I had to watch my little sister because my single mother had to work alot and couldn’t afford to hire a babysitter.  I made friends, but it was a lonely time. I struggled with self-worth and self-esteem…

Over the years, I have definitely grown in those areas, but those feelings of worthlessness during my teenage years came flooding back  last year when Ruby, one of my friends from college, asked me to contribute a story to her upcoming book… 

 I struggled with this because I really didn’t know how I could be helpful to teens. I was a teen that stayed pretty much on the straight and narrow–no serious illness to overcome, no drug abuse, no sexual promiscuity, etc. I dealt with what I deemed minor issues compared to all of this. Who isn’t teased about their appearance when they were younger? Who didn’t have a single parent home? Many of my friends did, so I wasn’t unusual. So what did I have to share?

Ruby started the Priceless Project in 2007 when she wrote a poem for her niece and other students that were struggling with their worth. The project has grown leaps and bounds since then. She has become a mentor and a leader in helping teenage girls find their self worth in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania and has spread to other cities such as Baltimore and the Bronx and soon will be in a city near you. Ruby started a kickstarter project last year to book published and exceeded her goal. The book was released in April and I am so proud that I overcame my doubts and contributed a story.

I fully support Ruby and her desire to build self-confidence in teenage girls. The teenage years can be rough and everyone is not as blessed to have a parent or parents to support them. It is important to mentor in any way you can. Mentoring doesn’t have to be a large time commitment–it could even be a small word of encouragement that you speak to a teenager who doesn’t believe in themselves and that they can dream of a better life. I hope my story as well as the other stories found within this wonderful book can motivate teenage girls to believe in themselves. To know that they are truly Priceless!

With each book purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go to a scholarship fund to support teenagers.

For more information about this movement click here
To purchase the book, click here

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2 Responses to The Priceless Project: Helping teens know their self worth

  1. Shanta thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to write such a great blog post about the book and the movement. You are PRICELESS. I totally appreciate your support and encouragement. Praying that God bless you real good.

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