Is this the new wave of dating? The dating card

Until this past Sunday, I was completely unaware there was actually a business card specifically for dating. One of my close friends was discussing her job when she handed out her new business cards. One she said was for work/networking and the other was for dating. There were striking differences between the cards. Unlike the standard business card with titles and work information, her dating card had her personal email, her name sans titles, and a little catchy phase ” It was great crossing paths with you! Let’s keep in touch!”

An example of a dating card(picture from here):

Her rationale is that a lot of men get intimidated by the “alphabet soup” (her degrees) behind her name. She believes that the dating card would allow a man to approach her if he really liked her without all of the nuances. In addition, it would enable her to disclose about her job in her own timing.

I did a little web searching on these dating cards and  a lot of people seem to be using them. Some of the reasons where to control the amount of information you give a complete stranger and to prevent potential internet or facebook stalkers. But the main theme seemed to run towards preventing intimidation.

As a Microbiologist, soon to be Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, I could see how some men could be intimidated my by education. But to me that only means that those men are not the right ones for me. I am not sure if I would go through the effort to have a separate card for potential love interests. Would you?

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6 Responses to Is this the new wave of dating? The dating card

  1. Y. Joy Harris says:

    This is interesting to say the least…but I guess I’d have to stop and wonder do men think this hard about dating and not trying to intimidate women? Just a thought.

    • brandnewphd says:

      Of couse men don’t. I think women think hard about everything in general. We tend to be the overanalyzers, worriers, etc. Unfortunately, in our society it is still acceptable for men to have high powered careers and be superstars. On the other hand, it can be harder for a man to accept that in woman, especially if she is making more money. However, there are definitely plenty of guys who are secure in their manhood and will be there to support a high powered woman no matter what.

  2. almutei says:

    I can imagine having a general purpose private – how should I call it – contact card. Not explicitely for dating but for (new/potential) friends or basically anyone who should rather have my home than my business address.

  3. almutei says:

    PS: For some weird reason, the link to my blog/website was wrong. Should be fixed now.

    • brandnewphd says:

      Thanks for sharing your link! Quite jealous of your London stay. I haven’t been to England in 6 years! I want to go back to visit! I really love it there.

  4. Kaycee says:

    I have a “calling” card I use for all the purposes almutei indicated.

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