What happens in Vegas…

Stays in Vegas, so I really can’t divulge too much about the trip I am currently recuperating from. I promised the bride to be, J that I wouldn’t. And since I don’t want to betray a friend’s trust, my lips are sealed. However, what I can share with you is our lodging for our long weekend.

Out of the three times I have been to Vegas, this is by far the best room ever. Due to an issue with over booking and the sheer will of one of my fellow partiers, E, we were able to score a penthouse suite on the 53rd floor of Planet Hollywood! The views were A-MAZE-ING! There was a portion of the living room that led to a broad walk way with two chairs that gave you 180 degree views of the strip. This is one of the many views from the living room:

Strangely enough, we noticed in the morning that those windows were tainted pink and gave the living room a psychadelic feel. Almost like you had drank too much or gotten high…lol

The living room also had a leather sectional, a projector screen t.v., a flat screen t.v.(Yes, two t.v.’s in the living room…lol) and plenty of chairs.

We also had a kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances as well as a washer and dryer and two bathrooms and bedrooms. The bedroom were I slept also had a window that took up the whole wall and had amazing views as well:

All we would have needed was a butler to make our stay any better…lol Fantastic food, limousine rides, and all of the other unmentionable moments made this “final fling before the ring” wonderful for one of my dearest friends, J. I am so excited for her and I am looking forward to being a bridesmaid in her wedding in May.

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