My sister the hero

I don’t think many people can say that their sister saved their life. But fourteen years ago, my younger sister did just that. She was even honored in the local paper for this and given award. What a big accomplishment for a (then) 9-year-old.

I guess I should stop being so vague and tell you the story. It was the fall of my senior year of high school. I was so proud of myself—I had worked all summer and for the first time, was able to buy my entire wardrobe for the new school year. Shoes and everything. I was looking forward to picking out an outfit to wear everyday that first week, but unfortunately something happened to change all of that.

I remember waking up to someone screaming my name, “Shanta, Shanta!” Was I dreaming? As I slowly came to in the pitch black darkness of my room, I realized that it was my mother and sister yelling my name. I slowly got up and opened my bedroom door and saw the living room full of smoke. I vaguely remember walking through the smoke to the other end of the trailer (yes, I lived in a to where my mother and sister were and then heading out the back.

As soon as we did that, it seemed as if the whole place went up in flames. Everything we owned was being destroyed before our eyes. We lost everything that night accept the clothing on our backs and my high school class ring, which they found among the ashes. Luckily, my mother threw the file cabinet outside before we left, that contained all of our important documents.

As the firemen arrived and began to put out the fire, my mother told me the story of how my sister woke up to the sound of a fire alarm and calmly looked out the window and saw the enclosed porch were our cats slept was on fire. She then woke my mother up and told her that the house was on fire. That set in motion the events what happened above.

My sister was very shy back then and really didn’t speak much. In fact, she is still is, but the difference is now she will tell you about yourself when she gets angry…lol But the rational thinking she showed at such a young age was truly admirable. And my sister has grown up to be an even greater person and I love her more everyday. She is my favorite sister(my only sister…lol) and I am thankful everyday that God used her to save our family’s life.

My sister, mom, and I


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5 Responses to My sister the hero

  1. Donnell says:

    WOW! You never shared this one before. I am touched.

  2. cindy says:

    Touching indeed!!! You lived in trailer? LOL, I did too. We have to exchange stories- lol!

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