The other cosmo I didn’t know existed: Identity Theft

It has been an interesting week for me, to say the least. Last Friday, I went to Asian Bistro in Shelton, CT with some of  the female members of my MAYA (Mount Aery Young Adults) group from church to fellowship. It was a wonderful night getting to know each other better over hibachi. The evening and subsequent weekend proceeded happily, but that changed once I viewed my bank account on Monday.

As you know, if you have a large party the tip is automatically included in your bill. However, someone had taken it upon themselves to add an additional tip on top of that to my debit card. I called the manager and he assured me that it would be taken care off and he asked for my debit card number to credit my account.

I thought everything was resolved until I noticed today that someone had charged my debit card again from somewhere in NJ. I don’t know if it was linked to my experience at the Asian Bistro, but I was highly upset. I had to cancel my card and file a report with my bank’s claims department.

I know that this happens all the time to people, but I didn’t truly feel their pain until it happened to me. It feels like someone is attacking you at a vulnerable place. However, it could have been worse. I could only imagine how many additional charges would have been on my card if I hadn’t checked my account everyday.

So readers, if you are not checking your account on a regular basis, I highly recommend you do so. The quicker you can spot fraud, the faster you can get your money back and secure your account.

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2 Responses to The other cosmo I didn’t know existed: Identity Theft

  1. katurah bryant says:

    Thanks Shanta….great advice…Peace

  2. Lilia says:

    I’m sorry that you had to go throught that. When I had bank of america, I had multiple times with erroneous items. I finally had enough and changed banks. The worst is when someone makes a fake card out of your card and somehow they get money advances done at shady places. They completely empty your account and then later expenses get an overdraft fee as well!

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