Tis the the season to detox, days 4-7

This detox has been an interesting process for my body. I think when you allow yourself to get into a place where you miss things (certain foods) it can make detoxing harder. I, for one, have been missing my sweets and caffeine very much. But I realize that I can live without those things. Though I still slightly crave them, I have been finding creative ways to get around it. My protein bars have been a big help.  If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend “think thin” high protein bars. They contain no sugar, but they will trick you into thinking they do.

Overall, I don’t think the detox has changed my diet that drastically, as I eat like this some of the time. The other thing that is challenging is the raw food intake. It is sometimes hard to want to eat raw when it is cold…lol I definitely have fudged the detox a little, but I think you will have to adjust based on what your body is telling you.

For example, even though this detox calls to workout every other day, you may find that your body is detoxing so much, that you may have to stop exercising completely while you are on it. I found that out for my body. I tried to work out on day three, but my body wouldn’t let me. I was only able to lift weights and jog a little. When you are undergoing a detox, you will find that your body may be weaker than normal. Not in a bad way, but you shouldn’t push it if your body is in pain. In addition, I felt like I was fighting a cold, so I took this weekend to keep close to my apartment and rest.

I decided to cut back on my exercise for a few days and allow my body to rest while I am still keeping(primarily) to the detox plan.

Day 4

Breakfast: Think Thin protein bar, banana, and a cup of mango tea (decaffeinated)

Lunch: leftover chicken (a drumstick), sweet potatoes, and a big helping of greens

Dinner: Pineapples

Day 5

Breakfast: Protein bar, banana, mango tea (decaffeinated)

Lunch: Chicken (finally finished it…lol) sweet potatoes, and some greens

Dinner: a smorgasbord: sparkling water, raw veggies, hummus, and some whole wheat crackers (no sugar)

Dessert: Dried Mango(no sugar added) and some vacuum dried banana

Day 6

Breakfast: protein bar, banana, cup of decaffeinated country peach tea

Lunch: hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, some whole wheat triscuits (no sugar)

Dinner: homemade asian soup with soba noodles, chinese broccoli, and shrimp. Extra spicy because nothing like some spice to loosen up congestion:)

Day 7

Breakfast: Protein bar, banana, peach tea

Lunch: some pineapple, Kale chips

Dinner: Leftover asian soup from Day 6.

Overall, the detox has progressed nicely. I am not following it exactly, but I am definitely feeling the effects. I have had to curtail the exercise during my detox because my body has felt weak, but that may not be your experience if you try it.

Only three more days!!!!! Woot!

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