Carnivore by day…….A tale of contradictions (part 2)

After the vegan cooking experience I had the previous night, I found it quite ironic to find myself in Central Steakhouse the next day for lunch.  However, it was restaurant week in New Haven and I wanted to take advantage of the great deals, so one of my favorite junior leaguers, K and I, headed over there with steak on our minds. It was a pretty good deal because for $16.38 (the year New Haven was founded), you were served an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

First up for me was the baby arugula salad with fresh goat cheese, spicy peanuts, and balsamic-port vinaigrette. I felt that the goat cheese and spicy peanuts in combination with the balsamic-port vinaigrette was superb. I would have never thought about adding spicy peanuts to a salad. They roasted the peanuts, which enhanced their flavor immensely.

Next up, was the main course–the grilled NY strip with mashed red bliss potatoes, asparagus, and marrow bone gravy.  What I liked about the main dish was that the proportion was just enough to fill you, but not to leave you filling sluggish. The strip was thinly sliced and cooked to medium(for me) and the potatoes were covered with the marrow bone gravy. I thought the dish was very tasty.

After that, dessert was served. I really wish I could remember what the waiter called it, but since I can’t I will give it a name— a semi frozen almond joy. That’s what it tasted like. It was yummy, but it took a little work to eat it because it was so hard.  I almost wished I had a knife to cut through it.

Overall, I felt the meal was good. But Central Steakhouse is one of those restaurants that I will only eat at when there are specials going. I don’t like them enough to want to pay full price for a three course meal. But most of all, it was great to be able to catch up with K!

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