During my lunch hour, I headed over to the new chocolate lover’s delight on High st called Chocopologie. The decor is very minimalist chic, with mirrors serving as the overhead pricing menu. The store does a great job making use of the space–there are little tables along the left side of the wall when you walk in. In addition, little stools covered with faux fur grant you access to people watching.   

Chocopologie has a wide variety of truffles, cookies, and cakes.  I was highly tempted by their red velvet and chocolate cake options. And I definitely will have to go back for some truffles.

From reading up about their flagship store in South Norwalk, I found out that they are well-known for their hot chocolate. So I decided it would be the perfect day for me to try it. Their hot chocolate reminds me of the ones I had while in Italy–thick and rich. Unless my taste buds are off, they used dark chocolate for my drink…yum! Definitely worth an experience at least once. They make their hot chocolate with heavy cream and milk, so I definitely will not be able to have it often, but it was worth it today:) If you don’t like regular hot chocolate, they have different kinds to stimulate your interest ranging from spicy to frozen.  I also grabbed a peanut butter cookie before I headed out. I haven’t had the chance to taste it yet, but it smells divine. I highly recommend you check them out!

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