Mr. D’s equals candy and cupcake bliss!

For my 31st birthday, my boss brought me cupcakes from Mr. D’s and I was so grateful! The cupcakes were so sumptuous that I made a vow that I would visit them in Wallingford at some point. Well Saturday was the day. After my wine tasting at adventures at the wine press, I headed up to Wallingford to visit Mr. D’s. As I entered, I was blown away. In addition to cupcakes, they have two walls of various candies, smoothies, ice cream, and other baked goods. I decided to be bad and began to fill a little bag with some of my favorites: swedish fish, sour patch gummy bears, and some various flavors of jelly bellies. Following that, I headed over to the cupcakes and immediately picked a red velvet cupcake and a chocolate chip cheesecake cupcake.

OMG! That red velvet is the best thing ever!!!!!! If you can’t tell by my enthusiasm, red velvet is my favorite kind of cupcake. In fact, I judge cupcake shops based on this cupcake. If you can’t do red velvet well, I seriously may never come again. I highly recommend you visit Mr. D’s in Wallingford, CT and pick up some sweets! I am sure you will be glad you did.

By the way, what’s your favorite cupcake?

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