My big, fat, 31st birthday!

For some reason, I always get really reflective as my birthday nears. I like to take stock of what’s working and not working  in my life so that way I can make moves to fix them in the new birthday year. For me, the main underlying theme I have found is that I need to be patient and to stop over analyzing things. So with that in mind, I woke up resolved and incandescently (my new favorite word…lol) happy on Wednesday August 17th, my birthday morning.

Of course I took the day off. I NEVER work on my birthday. Even if I don’t do anything. There is something so nice about being able to have your birthday off.  So after slowly rising, I got up, went for a 2 mile run and juiced some vegetables in my lovely juicer. Then I got ready and took myself out for breakfast at Lena’s, which is one of my most favorite spots in New Haven.

I then headed to Branford and went to this pottery painting place called All Fired up. Pottery painting is a recent love I have discovered and it is a great stress reliever. Anywho, I will talk more about that experience in a later post this week.

Following pottery painting, I headed to By the Sea inn and spa for three spa treatments: a body scrub with lavender, a body wrap, and a one hour body massage.

I was really excited because I never had a body scrub or wrap before. Now, I didn’t feel that the body scrub was all that fun. It felt like the lady was rubbing my body with lavender scented sand paper. However, after I showered the scrub off, I was pleased by how soft my skin felt. Next was the body wrap. I was covered with mud and wrapped up in an almost aluminum like foil wrap and blanket. I definitely felt like a sushi roll. After about 20 minutes of sitting like that, she had me shower again. My skin has never felt better. Finally, I had my lovely hour massage. I definitely have to be better about having these more regularly. I felt so relaxed!

After relaxing for awhile, I had to get home to get ready for my dinner with some of my friends at Soul de Cuba. I put on my birthday dress and then was picked up by my sistah D. It was so much fun. They had me wear a crown that lighted up that had a matching ring. I thought it was so funny when the whole restaurant started to sing happy birthday to me.  I ended up ordering the red snapper. Yum!

Of course, we had to pose for a pic after wards:)

The day was ended at Froyo world! Yum!!!!!! Overall, I had an excellent birthday. Hands down, one of the best ones I have had in a while. I think the thirties just may be the decade for me. Life keeps getting better and better!

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4 Responses to My big, fat, 31st birthday!

  1. Go Shanta, great post and such a great story about treating yourself in such a precious way! You deserve the very best on your birthday and every day!

  2. I loved the post. I totally agree that Pottery painting is a great stress reliever; the process automatically makes you happy. I enjoyed the post.

  3. brandnewphd says:

    Thanks Wendy and Ruby:)

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