One man’s garbage….

Is another man’s (in this case, woman’s) treasure.

Over the course of the past (almost) two years, I have strived to exercise my creative muscle by DIYing a lot of things.  It all started with my old, tired looking night stand that I refurnished and then led to headboard building and coffee table painting.  I can’t wait until I am able to go to a larger scale and design and redecorate rooms in a home, but for now, I will settle on small projects around the apartment.

I had been on the quest for a new jewelry box for sometime now, and I was happy to find a fixer upper at Goodwill for $2.99. Goodwill you may ask? You would be surprised at the treasures for your home you can find there that just need a little work. Anywho, I digress. When I saw this box, I was able to look past its obvious disrepair and see its potential. So I took it home with me:

I know. Crappy looking right? But when I saw it, I imagined it painted white with some funky new drawer liners. After perusing the paint selection at home depot, I settled on Glidden’s Oyster Shell™ and bought a test bottle.  I then headed to Joann’s and picked up some turquoise patterned cloth (that would serve as the drawer liners) and some tacky glue to hold the cloth in place.

A few days later, I sanded the jewelry box after removing the knobs and then wiped the box down. After that, I painted the box with primer and let it sit overnight. The next few days, I added coats of the Oyster Shell™ paint (About 4 coats) and once the box was dry, I cut the cloth to fit the drawers and glued them down. To finish off the project, I reinstalled the drawer handles. Here is the new and improved box:

I haven’t quite figured out how to get rid of the slight gap between the drawers, but I am completely in love with my new jewelry box.  Now, I will begin the quest for the next project.

How about you? Any DIY projects on the horizon?

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